Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bread baking with Bluebulb

Sometimes things just fall in place, and that's exactly how after trying many a times to enrol myself in a bread baking class,I stumbled on the Bluebulb link on my Facebook page.I mean,what could be more convenient than the baker actually coming to your house at a time and date you choose with all the ingredients and even an oven if you don't have one?

The baker for the day was Davina,has done her training from Sofia College and  runs her own baking classes in Malad ,where she teaches cakes,cupcakes,breads and more.She has a tie up with Bluebulb and has designed a special introductory class with them which she does not overlap with what she teaches in her own baking school.I found this concept unique,as she and Bluebulb both gain and there is no conflict of interest.

Apart from convenience,the other thing that I really liked was the fact that Devena was open to any questions and trust me we had a lot.She was patient and was interested in teaching us the technique.Sharing simple tips like ,when you add sugar to yeast and milk,you should let it breathe for sometime till yeast works on the sugar and dissolves it.Using powdered sugar won't help.Her passion for baking was clearly evident .Sharing some pictures with you of our experience. You can check out more such experiences at ;

For the recipe for Cheesy Garlic loaf please click on the link

To get in touch with Davena -982040404494